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Athens Academy
Athens Academy Award 2016


Gold Medal, World Choir Games,
Gratz 2008


Gold Medal, World Choir Games,
Riga 2014

Don't fear people who sing

Qui Cantat Non Timere

Ανθρώπους που τραγουδούν μην τους φοβάσαι


ROSARTE Children’s Choir was founded in 2008 by its conductor, Rosie Mastrosavva with the aim of raising the level of artistry and performance of children in choirs. The choir consists of 250 children and youths, aged between 5 and 20 years, divided in three sections: voice preparation, children's, and children-youth section. The choir’s guiding principle is to instill in the children a deep love for music and respect for their co-singers and the collaborative work, that choral singing requires, whilst creating a model of artistic excellence. ROSARTE Children's Choir has performed extensively, in Greece and abroad and is twice the winner of a gold medal in the World Choir Games ( Graz, 2008 and Riga, 2014). It is the only Greek choir to ever have achieved this distinction, thus being recognized as one of the top children’s choirs worldwide! It has also been invited, twice (2015 and 2016), by the Russian Ministry of Culture to participate in the prestigious Moscow Easter Festival, as an acknowledgement of the choir’s musical merit. In all these years, the choir has repeatedly appeared in the Athens and Epidaurus Festival, at the Herodeion Theater, in the Athens Concert Hall, the Onassis Cultural Centre, collaborating with symphonic orchestras and choirs, such as the N.O.G., the E.R.T. (Radio and Television Broadcasting Association) orchestra and choir, the Athens State Symphony Orchestra and the Camerata Orchestra, amongst many others. Some of the maestros, that ROSARTE has worked with, are Philippe Augen, L. Karytinos, Al. Baltas, M. Michailides, V. Fidetzis, N. Tsouhlos, I. Voudouris, A. Pylarinos and N. Halliasas.It has, also, collaborated extensively with the National Opera of Greece in many opera productions (Tannhauser, Tosca, Pagliacci, Carmen, Venus and Adonis among many others). Moreover, ROSARTE has been involved in a variety of productions such as musicals, youth operas, documentaries, recordings, EBU broadcasts and various T.V. broadcasts, all the while garnering praise, both from music critics and the audience. Another highlight of the choir's career, so far, has been their participation in the Opening Ceremony of the Special Olympics in Athens 2011 and the participation in the Olympic Torch Relay Ceremony, for the handing of the Olympic Flame to Great Britain, in Athens 2012.

The choir is actively engaged in charity performances, in particular for charities involved with children's health issues such as «ΕΛΕΠΑΠ», «Action Aid», «ΦΛΟΓΑ», «ΠΙΣΤΗ» and Children’s Hospitals such as «ΩΝΑΣΕΙΟ» «ΜΗΤΕΡΑ», «ΥΓΕΙΑ», «Ογκολογικό Τμήμα Νοσοκομείου Παίδων» etc. In December 2016 ROSARTE was awarded an honorary distinction by the Academy of Athens (Academia Athinon), the highest scientific and cultural establishment of Greece, for supreme cultural and artistic achievement. This is a highly respected award, given for the first time to a choir, in the Academy's 90 years history. ROSARTE Children's Choir has been contributing to the advancement of contemporary Greek music by performing new pieces by Greek composers, some written specifically for the choir, as well as showcasing the work of established composers, such as Th. Antoniou, M. Theodorakis and others, in their performances both in Greece and abroad. But for all the adults involved with ROSARTE, parents, music teachers and the maestro, the most important achievement of the choir does not lie in the awards, the medals and the praises received. It is seeing the children blossom and develop all aspects of their personality, in an environment that promotes inter-personal harmony and artistic creativity. ROSARTE Childrens' Choir is a non profit organization. Therefore it tries to raise funds through various activities such as concerts, cd and dvd productions, bazaars etc. In this time of financial crisis and hardship, ROSARTE is an incredibly inspirational example of what can be achieved with small and limited means. It's a beacon of hope for our children and youth, showing them that it is possible to strive and attain their goals and dreams in life. ROSARTE's next goal is to participate at the 10th World Choir Games that will take place in Tshwane, South Africa, aiming to bring back a third gold medal. As we do not have any permanent financial supporters, helping to cover the Choir’s expenses and due to the greek financial crisis, it is rather difficult – almost impossible – for the members' families to meet the costs (plane tickets to Johannesburg, accommodation, local transfers, meals etc.)

If you help us participate in the 2018 World Choir Games and win a third medal, you, as our sponsors will deserve half the honour because with your help, we will have the chance to fulfill our dream, bring honour to our country and spread the joy of our singing further.

The song a tall window. Facing the Street, facing the Sky. From this window, we look at the world.

Yiannis Ritsos, Famous Greek Poet

Rosy Mastrosavva



Rosy Mastrosavva


Ρόζυ Ματροσάββα

Rosy Mastrosavva was born in the Greek Island of Rhodes. She studied piano, monody and theory at the Athens National Conservatory. She attended choral conducting classes with A. Kontogeorgiou and M. Logiadis. She continued her studies in Higher Music in Munich Academy, where she graduated cum laude and specialization (master) to address Choirs. She attended seminars with conductors E. Ericsson, H. Rilling, Er. Ortner and Fr. Bernius. She has conducted choirs in Germany and Greece as: Melismachor, Vocal Kreis Cantabile, Singtonics, Amasingers, Choir Student University Aegean, vocal ensemble Con Anima, Mixed ERT choir (concerts and recordings), Children's Choir Elementary Conservatory of Argos and Municipal Conservatory Ano Liosia, choir youth Schools C. Malliara, Children's choir C EPA Program, Children choir of Musical Sets of Athens, which won gold medals at the 5th choral Olympiad in Graz, Austria in 2008. She taught choral act seminars at the University of the Aegean, Department of Education (Rhodes). Since 2008 she founded and directs the Children Choir "ROSARTE". In December 2016 she and her Choir were awarded by the Academy of Athens for their high artistic value.

Olga Alexopoulou

Vocals Preparation

Olga Alexopoulou

Olga Alexopoulou was born in Athens. She studied music theory with professors K. Th. Evaggelatos (Counterpoint, Fugue and Orchestration) and St. Oulkeroglou (Harmony and Composition) and Piano Diploma with Borislava Taneva. In October 2008 she completed the course of studies in Choral Conducting with Theodora Pavlovitch and graduated with a Masters Degree from the Music Academy of Sofia "Pancho Vladigerov". From 2004-2008 she was a member and assistant conductor in the women choir "Vasil Arnaoudov" Sophia Chamber Choir. In May 2008 won the first prize at the Vittorio Venetto contest, by participating in the vocal quartet "Euphonia", . Since 2008 founded Directorate Choir class at the Municipal Conservatory Moschaton-Taurus and the Conservatory of St. Stephen, where she works to this day. In July 2013 she was awarded as the best conductor in the World Competition of Sacred Music in Preveza, while the vocal group "Vocal Inventions Ensemble" of which he is founder and conductor won the silver medal. From September 2016 she takes part in the preparation of the choir "ROSARTE".

Jenny Soulkouki


Jenny Soulkouki

Jenny Soulkouki was born in Elbasan of Albania in 1983 and started her musical studies at the age of 5 with her mother, Violeta Sulkuqi. Her first concert was at the age of 6 in the "Skampa" theatre. She studied at the Conservatory of Athens and during her first years she was guided by Prof. Loukia Filipponi. In 2001 she takes part in a nationwide contest, in which she wins the 1st prize. She graduated in 2006 from the Athens Conservatory with a diploma, a degree of excellence and she was awarded the 1st Award under the instruction of Prof. Aris Garoufalis. She has participated in numerous chamber music, concerts, recitals, competitions, seminars and events in Greece and abroad, either as a soloist or as a piano accompanist. She works at the Athens Conservatory as a piano teacher and piano accompanist since 2009. Together with Victoria-Fjoralba Kiazimi she formed the "Piano Duo Specchio" in Greece, Athens in 2013. She is the pianist of "ROSARTE Children Choir" since 2010.

Myrto Akrivou

Vocals Preparation - Piano

Myrto Akrivou

She was born in Athens. She studied piano at the National Conservatory from which she received her diploma (Elena Mouzala class). She continued her studies at the London college of music at Thames Valley University in Performer's Recital Diploma. She has also completed her studies in solo (class angelic Fammelou), in melodramatics (Sonia Milenkovic class) and in harmony with Matthew Legaki. She is a founding member of the vocal ensemble "Eklipsis" pianist of the orchestra "Nuovarte" and ntouetto with flutist Amalia Koundouri, having performed with them over a hundred concerts in Greece. In 2015 she recorded her first cd participated as pianist in the project "Beauty and Hope in the 21st century", publishing Musica Ferrum. She teaches piano at the conservatories "In Chorus" and "Sieve" and is a musical accompanist, soloist and performer of many musical instruments.

Mariza Vamvoukli

Vocals Preparation

Mariza Vamvoukli

Born in Lesbos where she grew up and received her first music lessons. She continued at the Music Department of the Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, taking a degree with honors and earning two scholarships for postgraduate studies abroad. At the same time she studied piano and theory (degree Harmony and Counterpoint). In 2000-01 and 2002-03 she studied at Middlesex University of London and University of York in England respectively, making advanced degrees in Music Education and Music Animation for groups and persons with disabilities. She has attended courses in elocution, music therapy, accordion, percussion instruments, kinesiology, music for theater and cinema, orchestration like Orff and Dalcroze laboratories. She has been involved in the musical improvisation of children and in teaching music and theater groups with dyslexic children. She was a member of many choirs (Greek traditional and westernized music). She was also a teacher in vocals preparation with ROSARTE Choir from 2009 to 2016. She is appointed in primary education. Her e-mail is marizavam@gmail.com

Maria Lambidoni

Vocals Preparation

Maria Lambidoni

Maria Labidoni was born in Athens, Greece.She has completed her studies in Piano & Fugue with Diploma and honors degree and she attended composition lessons. She has HND in Counseling & Psychology (University of Teesside, UK ) and she completed Vocal Psychotherapy, a new method of music psychotherapy developed by Dr.Diane Austin ,in “Vocal Psychotherapy Vancouver Institute Training” in Canada. She teaches music more than 28 years in private schools (high & elementary level) kindergartens, music schools and conservatories. Whereas she has performed in concerts all over Greece as piano - soloist and choir director. She cooperates with “Rosarte Children‘s Choir” as a board member since 2008 and also she teached in vocal preparation section. She is working also as consultant mental health with kids and adults. She is the owner & art director of music & art school EKFRASIS. Under her directions, every two years a special show is organized involving all divisions of EKFRASIS (Music, Dance, Painting Art, Drama and Yoga) where students have the opportunity to collaborate on creating a mixed presentation. She and her team had organized the artistic part of the open & close ceremonies of EUSO Athens 2014. They created also a Cd “Together We Are One“ dedicated to science. Also, she has created - soon to be published - a unique and innovating educational music system "Ekfrasis kids Music" enriched with kinesthetic and music therapy elements. Her vision was EKFRASIS. A place where all kinds of art would coexist and that people of all ages would express themselves awakening their artistic senses. Her target is a contribution to culture and her attempt a better quality of life. Maria Labidoni has made a career as professional basketball player. She was member and captain of the women's basketball team of Panathinaikos for 13 years. She has been member of the National Basketball Team of Greece. She has also worked as coach in several teams.

Rea Karageorgiou


Rea Karageorgiou

Rea Karageorgiou Short has studied Early Childhood Education, and Philosophy, Psychology and Pedagogics at the National Kapodistrian University of Athens, followed by a Master’s degree in Dramatherapy from the University of Hertfordshire, in the U.K. She has worked as a kindergarten teacher in Athens, as co-ordinator of a Mother and Child center in London, as a psychotherapist in the Open Psychotherapeutic Center in Athens and is in private practice for many years now. She has been involved in the training of educators, using creative media and in particular drama. She has taught many seminars and has been a teacher on the "Anima" Creative Arts in Education training programme for 12 years. For the past three years she has been teaching in the Master’s Programme of the Department of Theatre Studies of the University of Peloponnese, in Nafplio.


Rosarte, Joyful, joyful 

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GRATZ 2008

Choir Olympics

GRATZ 2008

The Golden of Austria

RIGA 2014

Choir Olympics

RIGA 2014

The Golden of Lietuva

Athens Academy Award

2016 Award

Βραβείο Ακαδημίας Αθηνών

22 December 2016, Athens Academy.

Θεόδωρος Αντωνίου

ROSARTE Choir's Honorary President

A fantastic evening! The happy faces of the children were filled with optimism and hope for tomorrow, for the future. A better future. It is one of the few children's choirs with both talent and character. And that my impression involves comparisons with choirs around the world. The impressive evening's program children sang with all their pure soul, from memory, their participation in movement and choreographic movements, showed their great talent and love for choral idea filled me with optimism. And all these feelings are due to the great work of maestrinas ROZI Mastrosavva. It was the soul and the great teacher. Teaching so seriously and professionally these great kids. I thank them all for the pride I felt tonight, for the proper performance of "Awe on the Moon."

Theodoros Antoniou (Academic, Composer & Conductor, 4/7/2008)

To the Children’s Chorus! BRAVI TUTTI!!! Eccelente!! Brilliant!! Your work has even inspired me!! TANNHΟUSER is the start of something special and you should be very proud of your work here. Look forward to hear more from you. With best wishes,

Keel Watson (Reinmar von Zweter), Tannhauser January 2009

Bravissimo to the children’s choir! You are wonderful – a delight and pleasure everytime to hear you in TANNHΟUSER in Athens. Thank you very much for your fantastic contribution. Yours sicerely,

Martin Schnell (Landgraf), Tannhauser January 2009

Dear Children’s chorus, You are all so wonderful – what a joy it is for me to hear you and see the joy of singing in your faces. Never forget the magic of music – we need it in this crazy world. Love always,

Lize Lindstrom (Elisabeth/Venus), Tannhauser January 2009

Thank you to the best childrens choir I’ve worked with! My love to you all

Graham Vick, Director, Tannhauser January 2009

Al carissimo coro Rosarte, per tanti successi ancora

Giovanni Pacor, Artistic Director, Greek National Opera.

A Congratulations at a superb performance – it is a pleasure to work with you all. With best wishes

Ashley Holland (Wolfram), Tannhauser January 2009

Gratulation! Ihr machet das groίartig!! BRAVO!

Andreas Conrad (Heinrich), Tannhauser January 2009

Per il meraviglioso coro de bambini di ROSARTE. Tutta la mia admirazione per la sua preparazione, il suo arte e la voglia de recitare in questa Tosca. Mille grazie.

Hugo de Anna. (σκηνοθέτης της «Tosca»)

With my greatest thanks for the best choir I've found. I look forward to our new partnership. With love,

Loukas Karytinos (Conductor, "Tosca" 2011)

Well done to all the children of the choir ROSARTE and Mrs. Mastrosavva. Well done to you both well prepared and disciplined, while watching the conductor n 'play!

M. Michaelides, Conductor

Excellent choir. It was a great surprise.

Andreas Pilarinos (Conductor)

Surprise - Joy - Respect, today I met closely your choir and thank you very much for the music you offered.

Dimitris Bouzanis (Choir Conductor)

ROSARTE. The most of magic Greece produced in the world of choral art. Many successes and power.

James Konitopoulos (Conductor)

What can you say about this WONDERFUL, UNIQUE to the history of Greek chorus! Only that I feel very small ... And SHAME to those who fight ... Let's come to hear. What to say again? What to write again? Whenever I have a chance to watch your show, I do not get enough to hear but you and see you !!! Each project is as it should. From style enforcement homogeneity to start with, from... from... from... I worship to see the faces of your children... You are enviable and unsurpassed. Well done to your children, to your piano and you. I love and admire you.

Catherine Royal (Conductor Choir "Ambitus", n.chor. Leonteio Lyceum Nea Smyrnh 4 July 2008).

It is one of my greatest musical pleasures when I worke with children of ROSARTE. With love,

Luke Karytinos (Conductor in Carmina Burana)

Thank you very much for artistic effect, freshness and joy you gave us! < / p>

Dimitris Platania (Baritone, Scarpia in "Tosca" 2011)

Many congratulations for the excellent work and cooperation. Good progress in all for every one and each one separately.

Christopher Stampoglis (Bass, Sagrestano "Tosca" 2011)

Only with admiration can talk about this children's choir: The sound of perfection and music aesthetics. As I told Mrs Mastrosavva, I have not heard a Greek choir of this magnitude. Wish you Joy.

Stelios Psaroudakis (professor of Music)

In the music part of the nomination ceremony of Mr. Theodore Antoniou as Honorary Doctorate of the University of Athens Music Department, he was so surprised and excited watching the children's choir directed by Mrs. Mastrosavva. "It is worthy wonder, how these kids, after how many rehearsals can they show total balance for different voices for so many projects! Mrs. Mastrosavva's hand movements, head and general body totally control their surprising synchronization, which is certainly a fruit of an excellent preliminary work. All of them deserve many congratulations".

X. Spyridis (acoustic and computer music professor T.M.S.)

This moment marked my life. Bravo Greece.

Youla Stamatopoulou (School of Music, Pallini.)

There are no words to describe the emotions that burst in my soul listening to these angels. Congratulations.

A. Gonou Petrakis (School of Music, Pallini)

The biggest gift for the holidays but also for all days of the year. Rosy and ROSARTE have conquered me from the first moment! I'm their fan! The innocent children's voices, let's make an example for a better society. Thank you.

Theodore Antoniou (Composer)

I'm glad that I worked with the best children's choir. With love and appreciation.

Effie Karakosta (Director)

You are just wonderful !!! We love you so much!

Katerina Petsatodi (Director's assistant, "Carmen" 2010 & 2011)

The best and most organized children's choir with which I have worked.

Montes (Assistant Conductor, "Tosca" 2011)

An awesome children's choir, a real surprise for me. I did not think that in Greece there are people who work with such precision, subtlety, tenderness. Congratulations!!!!

Ellie Arvanitis (Chorus, Greek National Opera)

Amazing!!! Uniformity, nice color, good partnership with other musicians. Masterpiece!

Natasha Angelopoulos, musician - chorister.

Super! Perfect pace, binding expression.

M. Delotti, chorister

The emergence of children's choir ROSARTE was as expected. Wonderful, carefully and perfectly well prepared by the conductor of the choir, led to their well-presence of this choir in Tosca. Wish you Success.

Th. Montes (Assistant Conductor)



South Africa

4-14 July 2018

Tshwane, S. Africa: Supporting our Participation to the 10th World Choir Games

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